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Dragon Spirit 

Page 3








The Pegasus Team 

has been kind enough to 

send me a Welcome Team 

Leader Banner,

Tbanks Pegasus!!


These awards were given to 

me by "SkyLarkCrow"

the Dragon's Pixie Guide, 

thanks Lanis!!



These awards were 

given to me by 

"Sky Spirit", a 

wonderful friend

and a great Dragon.

Thanks Lyssa!



This award was left 

in my guestbook, a 

nice surprise! :)

Thank you, Tracy!



Thank you for the

Love Pot





This Award was left 

in my guestbook

Thank you Love Petals!!



A new one from my  friend "Shelley"!! :)

"Let Freedom Reign"


This award was 

emailed to me

Thanks so much 





I grant you Sunshine.

Everything will be sunny for you this year.

There's not a cloud in sight. Take a chance.

Try something new. Success will be yours.

Thank You Shelley!!!!!



Hi Cassie,
I came by to let you know,
How Wonderful You Are!
Thank You,
For your friendship!


I am very proud of this award from one of 

my Dragons!!   This has made my job

worthwhile.  :)

Thanks so much Lady Jessine!!