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A sampling of the wonderful cheers that have been submitted by our fellow Dragons

"Quest of the Chosen" "Shelley's Space" "Lost Soul"

I am a dragon,
Tried and true.
I am a dragon,
Through and through.
I am a dragon,
I'll show you my might,
I am a dragon,
I'll win every fight.
So come together dragons,
Let's show 'em all,
That we are the best,
And that we are the dragons,
Who will pass every test.

From the mightiness of the earth
comes our great strength
From the fire of the burning mountain
comes our burning breath
From the booming of an earthquake
comes our mighty roar
From the far flung winds
comes our wild spirit
And from the dreams of dreamers
comes our purpose.
We are Dragon
Strength of the Earth
Fire of the Mountain
Voice of the Earthquake
Spirits of the Wind
Belonging to those who Dream.

We are the Dragons
Big and Strong
Lets move to the Summit
Where we Belong

We are the dragons
We glide and soar
Come on Dragons
Let them hear our roar

Deep inside every Dragon's Heart 
There is a Heart So Pure.. 
Where Spirit Shines through.. and glows 

Our roars make that spark grow and grow 
and We make each other proud.. 

When we let out a roar so loud! 
It Shakes the Earth and Makes it Tremble.. 
So Give out a mighty Dragon Rooooaaarrrrr... 
and Make that Spirit soar. 

We're Mighty Dragons
That's For Sure!
We Have Might!
We Defend!
We Show Spirit To The End!!
Go Mighty Dragons!!
Go!! Fight!! Win!!

Go Mighty Dragons!
Breathe your fire!
We move higher
Making friends along the way
Cheer for the Dragons Everyday!
Go.. Dragons.. Go!!

The following banners have been donated by Lost Soul for the Dragons. You may copy and use them. Thanks John!






Cassandra 7/07/00