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Poetry and Cheers



Waiting for your submittals!!

The following are cheers submitted by previous dragon fighters,

you may use these to cheer for our team!!


Gloria the Gladiator


Now the knight and Gold Dragon enter the cave.
What would turn this knight into a knave?

The knight follows the dragon into the dark.
He thinks, with this treasure I can make my mark!

Roooaaaarrrrrrr!!!!! Dragons!!!!

My quest is to kill 10 dragons this day.
But spare them I will, if you show me the way.

The Gold Dragon's cave is a dangerous place to tread.
And he says, "My lighted breath will remove all dread."

Cheer Dragons Cheer!

To be continued..........

Fantasy Devil's Fantasy World

Look up real high,
What do you see?
The answer is easy,
It's the dragons that catch your eye,
Theres no challenge great inuff,
The dragons can't deal with.
All dragons spread your wings,
Give a roar,
and we shall winn.

We're flying high,
Above all else.
Nothing can harm us,
Nothing can reach us.
For we are the dragons,
There are no else,
As mighty as we.
So let's GO dragons,
Let's Kick some butt,
And be on our way.
Nothing stands in the way
of a DRAGON!



Cheer 1:
We haunt the Weyr, us hatchlings young,
to live, and learn, and play,
We learn the rules, and vote with care,
To reach the Caverns one day!

We fly the Caverns, as Dragons strong,
We've learned our lessons well.
The summit is our newest goal,
With Dragon Pride we swell.

Cheer 2:
We reach the top,
Our cheers we shout!
Dragons are champs,
There is no doubt!

Cheer 3:
We trade our votes with honor true
Blind voting is not fair..
So when we make it to the top,
We earned our places there!

Go Nightwing Dragons! 

Cheer 4:
There is a reason
We're full of pride,
When Dragon votes are cast..
It's not just honor,
It's not just strength,
But spirit unsurpassed!
We roar for joy,
We roar for friends,
We roar for fights complete:
We take the web,
And make it ours,
And never fear defeat!

Cheer 5:
With wings to fly,
And hearts that share,
And friends we make online:
These are what make
The Dragons fight,
And make our spirit shine!