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Dragon News


Pleasant Designs going to 

The Summit for her 3rd week!!

Congratulation Jessie!!
The Dragons are very proud of you!!


The winner for the Angel Patrol Spirit of the
month for August is 


Congratulations Beachball!

If you would like to enter the Angel Patrol Spirit Contest

make a Spirit Page with your awards and gifts

from supporters and your team leader.

Submit your site url to me and I will add you to the Angel Voting Site!!

The Dragon Awards for
September 2001
The Dragon Award - Dragon's Roost
Excellent Site Award - Pleasant Designs
Angel Award - Angel Wolfwoman
Agent Award - Agent LalaBaby
Pixie of the Month Award - Pixie Jackhammer & Pixie Deathwing
Top Cheer Award - Dragon's Roost
Cheer Writing Award - Valley of Vegeta
Webbrawls Friendship Award - Jackhammer
6 mos Anniversary Award - Warlord of AOE & debswebcreations
Most Creative Dragon - Valley of Vegeta
The Dragon Awards site


I would like to update our "Meet the Dragon Team" site, 

please go to this site and answer the questions we've asked

of previous fighters and send the replies to me for posting!