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Volume II  Issue 1

October, 2001


Letter from the Editor

I thought it was time to re-activate our Newsletter.  There will be one issue a month.

It has been a year since our last issue of the The Dragon and a lot has happened during this time.

Drakeblade's Domain and Shelley's Space 

are still with us.  They will be our "Featured Sites" for October.

Pleasant Designs has also returned to the TwiLight Dragons.

She was our Main Event Contender for the year 2000

and is well on the way of being in the

Main Event again this year!!

Thanks you all for being loyal Dragons!!


I would like to make this newsletter a joined effort

and would appreciate submissions from 

our team members.

If anyone has any news, recipes, poems, a new page on your site,

or anything at all that you would like to share with our team,

please submit them to me!!

Featured Site

Drakeblade's Domain

This fighter has been with the TwiLight Dragons since February 2000 (?)

he was here when I started as a fighter, and we don't know the exact date.

He has grown-up with the team, he is now 17 years old

and one of our youngest members.

He is an artist and always in pursuit of rendering the 

"perfect dragon" on canvas.   You can see his work on our Dragon Awards page,

I included it on his 1 year award.

Thank you Drakeblade for your continued  loyalty to our team!!


Shelley's Space

Shelley started with the TwiLight Dragons in June 2000.

She is a  nurse by profession and a devoted mother and grandmother.  

There have been many changes in her life since June of last year, but through it all she has

remained a loyal dragon.  We are proud to have her on our team!!

Thank you Shelley for your loyalty and friendship.


Please visit these fighters and sign their guestbooks!!



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