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Cassandra's Dragon Spirit


To see some of the Awards I've given to my

Dragon Team, please visit "Dragon Awards"

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Play with my water dragon!!  :)

He likes it when you make bubbles for him. :)

These pages are dedicated  to the friends that have made special awards

for me since becoming The Leader for the Dragons!

May 04, 2000

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created July 4, 2000


I leave the confines of my mind

to journey in the undefined

within the ordered rows of reason

doubts replaced by optimism

valleys draped in greenery

I'm soothed in sweet serenity


My friend Mystic Dragon (Lyssa) made this banner

and I am proud to display it here.

It shows her true Dragon Spirit!!


GT, the bowling ball, 

has honored me with another of her

great awards.

This one is very special!!




I am so proud of these awards from 

Team Leader Gentle Wolffie

that I had to add them here as well as on my 

personal site.  :)




My Dragon hatched  :)  10/04/00




Gifts Received from TwiLight Dragon


These are very special to me!


This gift was such a  surprise!

Thank You Dragon's Crypt


This wonderful gift is

from The Fallen Angel!




This truly wonderful gift is

from my favorite ankle biter




Thank You Josee for this wonderful gift 


A special Thank You from GT

my favorite bowling ball.  :)



 Cheer Awards

Spirit 2

Spirit 3

Spirit 4

Spirit 5


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