Enter if you dare Web Brawls Secret Agents Head Quarters
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Enter if you dare, but remember, we're watching!


Meet the Secret Agents of the Webbrawls!


Master Agent Dragonheart 

 aka Cassandra 

Leader of the TwiLight Dragons 
 Leader of the Calico Cats

Arch Angel Dragonheart -Leader of the Angel Patrol
Pixie Guide Dragonheart
Pixie Dragonheart



Agent Orange

Team Leader - The WildLife Kingdom
 Scout Morgona
Asst. Leader of the Scouts and Hunters
Hunter Green




Agent LalaBaby

Asst. Arch Angel Tigress
Head Huntress LalaBaby
Lieutenant LalaBaby, Leader of the Scouts and Hunters




Agent Jackhammer
Team Leader of The Unicorns 
 Leader of The Soaring Pegasus
 Pixie Guardian Jackhammer
Pixie Guide Jackhammer
Pixie Jackhammer
Angel Jackhammer
Keeper of the Master List




Agent Mystic Merlyn
aka Pixie Mystic Merlyn





Secret Agents Spirit Page

Applet of the Week from AngelEyes

Applet of the week!!



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